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  • Athlete Highlight – Matthew Radivojsa

        Matthew Radivosja We would like to congratulate SST Oakville’s Mathew Radivojsa, who has signed with the Division 1- English Premier team, West Bromwich Albion.  Matthew has been training with SST since he was 9 years old and all his hard work and dedication has paid off! We are so proud and excited for […]

  • BIG News at SST Oakville!

    Some BIG News out of SST Oakville! We would like to welcome coach TJ to our SST Family.  Coach TJ will be partnering with veteran coach Delory Rhooms at SST Oakville. TJ comes to SST with a wealth of strength & conditioning knowledge. TJ started training with SST at the age of 14 years, which […]

  • How to improve your 40 yard dash- Part 1

    If you want to go places in football, then you had better work on your 40 yard dash. While the forty yard dash is probably the most overrated test, it’s also the test that most coaches rely on when scouting a player. Given the emphasis that is placed on this one test, I am surprised […]

  • Get Fit For Soccer

    Have you ever noticed that soccer players like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Henry are all extremely fit and lean? Well it is no coincidence, strength training is a vital part of any successful soccer player’s regime. Whether it is fighting an opponent off the ball, or taking a fall or just sprinting, physical strength is the […]

  • 10 Foods Staples to Throw Out NOW!! – Part 2

    nutnHere we are with our second installment of food staples that you need to rid your pantry of ASAP! And of course what to replace them with! Click the link in case you happened to miss Part 1 3. WHITE OR “MULTI-GRAIN” BREAD White bread, and even deceivingly, multi-grain breads contain zero whole grains, are […]

  • Sports Nutrition On The Road – Part 3: Game Day

    In case you missed PART 1 or PART 2! Awareness, knowledge, and preparation are key when wanting to make huge difference in your game day performance.  The benefits of nutrition, in respect to athletic performance, can mean the difference between winning and losing and an optimal vs. subpar performance. Think about your body like a […]

  • Sports Nutrition On The Road – Part 2: Dehydration & Jet Lag

    If you have missed the first part of this blog series click here to view Part 1! One of the big killers of athletic performance is dehydration and jet lag. Adequate hydration is critical to over-coming any time changes as well as keeping yourself functioning to your full potential. Athletes should always carry a water […]

  • Supplements Safe???

    Is it Safe to Take Supplements? Will I Test Positive? You have been living under a rock if you have not heard of the recent drug scandals that have been flooding professional and amateur sports. From Lance Armstrong, to Peyton Manning it seems as though no professional athlete is safe from the allegations. Performance enhancing […]

  • Sports Nutrition on the Road –Part 1: Tackling Hotels, Restaurants & Fast Food

    Most athletes, once they reach the elite level, will have to do some traveling to training sessions, training camps, or competitions/tournaments. This travel can present a challenge to young athletes who are trying to take in enough calories to fuel their activity but that is healthy enough to keep them performing at an optimal level. […]

  • Qualities of a Good Quarterback Part 1

      I know I’m going to restart the old debate with this question: “Why aren’t there any Canadian Quarterbacks in the CFL?” I’m sure you’ve heard a multitude of opinions on this issue; some you probably agree with, others just don’t ring true. I firmly believe there is more than one answer to the Canadian […]

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