Month: July 2017

  • Improving Speed and Vertical Jump: Nutritional Considerations

    Running (Speed) and jumping (Power) are skills necessary for successful performance in sports, and must therefore be prioritized during training. We have previously covered how to increase your speed and vertical jump through training (click here). However, much like the way you look, nutrition will also impact your ability to run faster and jump higher. […]

  • A Glass of Wine a Day… Enhances Fat Loss?!?!

    We’ve all heard the saying that a glass of wine a day is good for our health. After all, low-moderate alcohol intake (~1 glass) has been found to reduce the risk of obesity, type II diabetes, and fatty liver disease. What about fat loss? Can a daily glass help you lose weight? This cannot be true. […]

  • The ONE Supplement I Recommend to ALL My Clients

    As somebody who has spent many years studying exercise nutrition and human physiology, there are only a handful of supplements I would actually recommend to my clients, regardless of whether they’re elite athletes or not. Recently, I covered how intermittent fasting can be a very healthy and safe method to accelerate your fat loss, and […]

  • A MUST READ for Young Soccer Players!

    A Must Read for Young Soccer Players! One of our fundamental values at SST is increasing strength and power. A stronger athlete will be able to produce more force than their weaker opponent. Also, strength training along with proper nutrition are vital for improving body composition by increasing lean mass and reducing fat mass. In […]

  • The Many Benefits of Intermittent Fasting (Part 2)

    The Many Benefits of Intermittent Fasting (Part 2) Intermittent Fasting is a great way to improve your body composition, as it’s proven to safely and effectively promote fat loss while providing additional major health benefits. For a reminder on the health benefits associated with intermittent fasting, please click here for part 1 IF to increase […]