Month: June 2019

  • Tushie Tuesday – Isometric Reverse Hyper

    Tushie Tuesday – Isometric Reverse Hyper

    Glutes Glutes Glutes!

  • 48 hours left….

    48 hours left….

    Speed…speed and more speed! Other than specific skill for you sport; speed is the one attribute all coaches are looking for in athletes. Its not as simple as just running a few sprints daily. This summer I will take 10 athletes and GUARANTEE their results. YES GUARANTEED Email me personally at:

  • Contrast Training for Speed and Power

    Contrast Training for Speed and Power

    Here at SST Burlington we are big fans of everything power and speed! One type of training that we use with our athletes to help them achieve results is contrast training, a form of complex training. This type of training involves alternating a set of resistance exercise with a set of plyometrics or speed drill. […]

  • High-Performance Summer Camp Alumni

    High-Performance Summer Camp Alumni

    As spring rolls into summer, and high school and elementary schools are wrapping up this means the fun is just around the bend! SST has had the pleasure of running our High Performance (HP)summer camp for so many years.  The main two reasons this camp has been so successful for SST is :  The great […]

  • Dropping Dimes

    Dropping Dimes

    In the last month I have been fortunate to have two of my Qb’s receive D1 FBS scholarships.  This is amazing when you realize in the state of Ohio (717 schools play football) and only 2 Qb’s received D 1 scholarships! I am so proud of these two fine young men!!  I have been blessed […]