Month: October 2019

  • Healthy Pumpkin Pie Bars

  • Female Athletes; No you wont look “Bulky”

    We seem to always talk about how women need to look instead of how well they performed; its why I think a lot of women are still scared to lift weights because they don’t want to bulk up. The ideal feminine body is thin and while ‘flab’ is not desired anywhere; toned muscles are desirable […]

  • Are You Explosive Enough In Your Sport?

    One of the most important aspects of training an athlete is plyometrics. It is crucial in making an athlete more explosive. Here is the key piece with Plyo’s with young kids. They are great but an athlete needs to be assessed before to correct all of their deficiencies. If an athlete is not strong it […]

  • Why Men Need To Strength Train As They Age!

    Strength training is not just for the young guys and I would argue that as men age, strength training becomes more and more important to maintain muscle function and quality of life. Due to the natural loss of testosterone with aging, it becomes more difficult to maintain and build muscle mass. Furthermore, in those who […]

  • Using The Gym To Mentally Prepare For Competition.

    One the biggest problems with young athletes today is that they don’t know how to completely focus all the time. You can also see it during their competitions. Athletes get out of place or don’t react fast enough because they didn’t see something or couldn’t see something because it was happening to fast for them. […]

  • BCAA’s – what, why and how?

    One of the newer supplements on the market making claims to improve cognition, decrease muscle breakdown, promote muscle protein synthesis and improve exercise performance is branched-chain amino-acids (BCAAs). But… what are they? BCAAs are essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine (ones we cannot synthesize ourselves and must consume) that can be oxidized within our […]

  • Make Dynamic Stretching A Part Of Your Routine.

    The term dynamic stretching comes down to movement based stretching. In other words, the individual uses a swinging or bouncing movement to extend their range of motion (ROM) and flexibility. The force of the bounce or swing is gradually increased but should never become uncontrolled. What is Dynamic Flexibility? The term dynamic flexibility refers to […]

  • In Season Training Tips To Prevent Injury

    In season training is so important to on field performance, we all know that. One of the most overlooked aspects of training hard during the season is it recoups the muscle fibers you break down during competition. Athletes who do not take in season training seriously are subject to an increase of one thing, injury! […]

  • Woman In Rugby

    On Sunday I attended a conference about coaching the female athlete. Hosted by the Burlington Centaurs Rugby Club. Primarily the focus was on how to effectively coach female athletes and the different strategies that will keep them not only performing physically but also taking care of the athletes on a psychological level to maximize performance. […]

  • Why Female Athletes Need To Strength Train – Part 2

    In Part one of this blog, we spoke about early specialization, Preparation for the future and reducing risk of injury. Today we will go over the other more looked over benefits of strength training for female athletes! 3.       Increases in Strength                                                                                 Developing an athletes strength capacity can be significantly enhanced through a program that […]