SST Burlington – first block

SST Burlington

SST Burlington is a modern adult and athlete training center located in the heart of Burlington. In Addition, SST Canada’s head office is located within SST Burlington.

SST was founded in 1997 by owner Larry Jusdanis after an injury curtailed his professional career. With a great staff of high performance coaches you can be assured your son/ daughter will not only be pushed to the limit during every training session but more importantly it will take place in a safe environment.

You can always walk into SST and have a friendly warm smile and “Hello”.

SST’s motto – Program + Atmosphere= RESULTS is on display whether you are an Adult client or one of our young athletes.

SST Burlington prides itself as being a COMMUNITY based facility striving in helping each and everyone become GREAT.

Our clients expect the best from us in training and nutrition and with this, our staff is always in pursuit of NEW knowledge. In fact, we pride ourselves in having all of our client’s part of the SST family.

SST strives for GREATNESS each and every day through pride, passion and loyalty.

SST Burlington services include:

Some of our equipment in SST Burlington’s 5500 Sq foot facility include:

  • Tred sled
  • Olympic platforms
  • Over 35 different barbells
  • 30 yards of turf
  • PlyoBox
  • Cormax Equipment
  • Power Racks with multiple chin up bars
  • Tractor tires
  • Hammers
  • Sleds
  • Prowlers
  • Plus a ton more