Month: March 2018

  • Resistance Training for Acceleration

    Resistance Training for Acceleration

    Sprinting has been described as consisting of a series of phases: an acceleration phase (typically the first 10 metres), a transition phase, and a maximum velocity phase.  For sports such as soccer, rugby, football and basketball, maximum velocity is not always attained, and repeated short sprints are more common.  Taking this into consideration, the ability […]

  • SST Q&A- Short Hockey Stride

    SST Q&A- Short Hockey Stride

    Question:  My 14 year old son is a good hockey player, but as he is getting older, his skating strides are becoming short.  Why would this be? And how can he improve his stride? Answer: This is a good question.  I have been around the rinks for about 20 years now, and that is something […]

  • March Athlete Spotlight – Luke Mellon

    This month’s Athlete Spotlight is about Soccer player, Luke Mellon. Luke is a forward with Fortuna Düsseldorf Football Club in Germany. Luke started training at SST as a kid and has returned to Canada in his off-season to prepare for his upcoming season .Check out the video below to see what brought him to SST and how it […]

  • FPC Selection Camp Results

    FPC Selection Camp Results

    ID Number Frist Last Class POS HT WT 40 40 S – R S – L 427 Jacob Alderdice 2001 OL 6’6″ 240 6.18 5.85 5.75 5.66 *0307 Joshua Aldridge 2002 LB 5’10” 180 5.21 5.15 5.48 4.9 *0259 Carlos Amural 1999 WR 6’2 170 4.72 4.97 5.12 4.81 312 Motez Assi 1999 RB 5’11 […]