Month: April 2017

  • Speed Drills for Pro Sports – Part 2 (of 3)

    Before you read part two make sure you go and read part one, if you haven’t here is the link. We discuss the importance of understanding that all athletes can’t be trained the same. We also talk about the importance of coaching athletes to make them better, finding adjustments and tweaking training methods is so […]

  • Brown versus White Fat- is there a difference? – Part 2

    Brown versus White Fat- is there a difference? – Part 2

    In part 1- Brown vs White fat (CLICK HERE to read) I discussed the differences of Brown and White fat. We discovered that Brown fat helps you shed off the weight.  In today’s blog let’s find out how to increase Brown fat levelsDecrease your room temperature- COOL it down- a recent study had 12 men work […]

  • The Four Pillars of Developing Speed

    When an athlete starts training with SST, the most common question is “Will I improve my speed?”  I am honest and upfront and tell them that not everyone has the genetics to be a 100m champion.  However, most athletes haven’t scratched the surface of their potential.  At SST we have 4 methods to improve an […]

  • Speed Drills for Pro Sports – Part 1 (of 3)

    Since my last few articles, “To Squat or to Power Clean, That Is the Question” and “How to Train the 40-Yard Dash in the Weight Room – Part One & Part Two” I have had tremendous positive feedback. With this in mind, I have had a few people email me regarding what type of speed […]

  • Brown versus White Fat- is there a difference? – Part 1

    Brown versus White Fat- is there a difference? – Part 1

    Many people are probably new to this question. YES there is a major difference between the two types of fat in our body.   White fat aka the ugly fat lies under our skin and keeps us insulated but is also responsible for the ugly cellulite that we all hate. Another characteristic is that White fat […]

  • 5 Things That Are Making You Less Agile as a Soccer Player! – Part 2

    Last week we discussed 2 major mistakes soccer players maybe making when trying to change direction: Foot Position Shoulder sway To read more about this PLEASE CLICK HERE Today we will continue with the last 3 mistakes that you may need to improve on: Planting Stance: This may sound a little vague, but this simply […]

  • Q&A – Courtney Pewes on specialized baseball training (SST Mississauga)

    Courtney- thanks for taking your time and speaking with me. 1. Courtney why do have so much success with Baseball athletes and teams? Football and Hockey athletes are ‘easy’ to train, in that you can give these athletes just about any exercise and there is little risk for injury. Baseball athletes on the other hand […]