Month: August 2017

  • Can Coffee Enhance Recovery Post-Workout?

    Can Coffee Enhance Recovery Post-Workout?

    Coffee is one of the most widely used pre-workouts, due to caffeine’s stimulating effects on the central nervous system. I recently covered exactly why coffee can be a useful pre-workout supplement (click here to read). What about drinking a coffee after your workout?? Not only is coffee a popular pre-workout beverage, but I know many […]

  • Is a High Protein Diet Bad For You? Part 3

    Current nutritional guidelines recommend we eat 0.8g of protein per kilogram bodyweight. I weigh 64.5kg (142lbs), meaning that I should be eating about 52g of protein per day. To put into perspective how easy this is, the Walmart chicken breast I ate for lunch contains close to 50g of protein! See where I’m going with […]

  • Is a High Protein Diet Bad For You? Part 2

    Last week, I started discussing the versatile role protein plays in the human body and how high protein diets are being prescribed in both sports nutrition and weight management settings (click here to view). As a result, a growing concern exists about the negative health consequences that may arise from eating too much protein. One […]

  • Is a High Protein Diet Bad For You?

    High protein diets are necessary for athletes needing to build or maintain muscle mass during intensive training schedules. High protein diets are also used as dietary interventions for overweight individuals that need to lose weight and body fat without losing muscle. There are millions of proteins in our bodies serving a wide variety functions, including; […]