Month: May 2015

  • Do you need Rotational Strength in Hockey?

    Everyone knows that hockey is a game of speed- those first to the puck definitely have the upper hand. But what most athletes neglect in training, is the importance of functional rotational strength. In hockey, a strong, flexible core region (abdominal and low back) will aid in a powerful stride as well as balance and […]

  • The DEVIL workout

    THE “DEVIL” BENCH WORKOUT Why is it that whenever I’m in a gym I see people benching the same weight at each workout? It usually goes like this. A person performs a few reps at 185 pounds then at 205, and maybe 225 and then they get stuck. At this point the individual moves to […]

  • Hockey-Speed and Power training

    S.S.T. HOCKEY SPEED POWER AND ACCELERATION One of the most frequently asked questions hockey athletes want answers to, is how to become faster on the ice. Everyone wants fast feet. Going after a dumped puck, outskating a defender, or even chasing down a breakaway while back- checking all require speed. However, when looking at the […]

  • SST Mississauga – Pro Circuit Athlete of the month: Michael Botelho

    Michael is unlike any other youth athlete I have ever known. I do not think one coach at SST Mississauga has not mentioned how hard Michael works or his positive attitude in the gym. Even many of our other athletes have commended him on his work efforts and eagerness to train. He is always looking […]

  • SST Mississauga – Pro Circuit Adult of the month: John Wamboldt

    John has been training at SST Mississauga for years along with his two sons. John is incredibly dedicated to his training and is religiously in the gym 3-4 days a week. He recently embarked on SST’s ‘Get Lean’ program and after 3 weeks is already down almost 6lbs but has gained almost 2lbs of muscle! […]

  • 2015 Ontario Prospect Challenge – Varsity Game

    This past weekend saw some great OPC football in St Catharines, Ontario. Here are the games stats for the – 2015 Ontario Prospect Challenge Varsity Game. Game Awards Baron Rings M.V.P. – Nigel Goodridge – Halton Peel Big Kahuna Offensive Player – Clarke McCallum – Halton Peel Xenith Helmets Defensive Player – Teddy Mansell – […]