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  • 3 Reasons Why Bench Press and Baseball Don’t Mix

    Bench Press and Baseball are like Oil and Water; they do not mix. Working with mainly male, High School and College age, Baseball players, I get a lot of grief about not including Bench Press in programs. Especially, when they see the Football and Hockey players doing it. When I ask them why they want […]

  • In Season Training Tips To Prevent Injury

    In season training is so important to on field performance, we all know that. One of the most overlooked aspects of training hard during the season is it recoups the muscle fibers you break down during competition. Athletes who do not take in season training seriously are subject to an increase of one thing, injury! […]

  • Three Tips To In-Season Training – Football

    In season training is a must for ALL sports! One of my biggest pet peeves is when athletes train SO HARD during the off-season but then they do nothing to maintain their hard work during the season! You are wasting all the hard work you’ve put in! Listen I get it…. lifting during the season […]

  • Dropping Dimes

    In the last month I have been fortunate to have two of my Qb’s receive D1 FBS scholarships.  This is amazing when you realize in the state of Ohio (717 schools play football) and only 2 Qb’s received D 1 scholarships! I am so proud of these two fine young men!!  I have been blessed […]

  • Resistance Training for Acceleration

    Sprinting has been described as consisting of a series of phases: an acceleration phase (typically the first 10 metres), a transition phase, and a maximum velocity phase.  For sports such as soccer, rugby, football and basketball, maximum velocity is not always attained, and repeated short sprints are more common.  Taking this into consideration, the ability […]

  • SST Q&A- Short Hockey Stride

    Question:  My 14 year old son is a good hockey player, but as he is getting older, his skating strides are becoming short.  Why would this be? And how can he improve his stride? Answer: This is a good question.  I have been around the rinks for about 20 years now, and that is something […]

  • Did You Waste Your Time With Your New Years Resolution – Part 2

    If you missed our first 5 tips to keeping your New Years Resolution, click here to check them out 6. Keep Track of Your Progress One of the easiest way to keep you motivated on your way to your goals is to track your progress. Track your workouts and weights you used, track your weight and body […]

  • Did You Waste Your Time With Your New Years Resolution?! Part 1

    So the first month of 2018 has come and gone; how are those New Year Resolutions treating you? If you’re like the majority of people, when the New Year comes along you start making resolutions. Promises to save more money, keep in touch with friends and one of the most popular, get in better shape! Well, […]

  • Are you Slow? It Could be Your Nutrition! Read Larry’s Tip!!

    Running (Speed) and jumping (Power) are skills necessary for successful performance in sports, and must therefore be prioritized during training. We have previously covered how to increase your speed and vertical jump through training. However, much like the way you look, nutrition will also impact your ability to run faster and jump higher.     […]

  • How to improve your 40 yard dash- Part 1

    If you want to go places in football, then you had better work on your 40 yard dash. While the forty yard dash is probably the most overrated test, it’s also the test that most coaches rely on when scouting a player. Given the emphasis that is placed on this one test, I am surprised […]

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