Month: March 2017

  • One Minute Workout – Part 2

    Last week I discussed the research and benefits of a One minute workout.  CLICK HERE to read Part 1 Today I would like to provide you a simple workout I use when I train two people…. over the years I have found this to be more beneficial for all clients as they push themselves harder […]

  • 5 Things That Are Making You Less Agile as a Soccer Player – Part 1

    Agility is a skill which becomes invaluable on the field, court, or pitch! It is often the person who can change directions the fastest that will be the first to the ball.  Also, being agile can be immensely helpful if you are not the fastest runner, as a good change of direction can allow you […]

  • Q&A – Soccer Speed Coach Delroy (Owner – SST Oakville) – Part 2

    Last week we talked female soccer training with SST Oakville owner Delroy aka Coach D Click HERE to see – Part 1 Can you add some insight into your strength coaching style? My style of coaching stems from the type of coaches I had growing up as a young athlete to the coaches I had […]

  • Q&A – Soccer Speed Coach Delroy (Owner – SST Oakville) – Part 1

    Delroy- thanks for taking your time and speaking with me So Delroy why do have so much success with Soccer teams? I really enjoy training soccer teams. Soccer was one of the first team sports we had come to us for training when we started SST Oakville. My staff and I have spent many hours […]

  • Soccer and Stretching – Increase speed or not?

    The other day I was on a field watching a bunch of kids practicing soccer it reminded me that soccer season is now starting to ramp up with pre-season training.  It made me think of the research article I just read in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning regarding static stretching and the effects it […]

  • 1 minute workout for fat loss- can it be done?

    It sounds ridiculous but there is some very valid research to back this claim up! Dr. Martin GIbala from McMaster University studied the effect of a 1 minute of all out maximum effort workout.  Subjects would perform perceived maximal effort exercise for 20 seconds and take a short rest – repeated three times.  What did they […]

  • Get Fit For Soccer

    Get Fit For Soccer

    Have you ever noticed that soccer players like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Henry are all extremely fit and lean? Well it is no coincidence, strength training is a vital part of any successful soccer player’s regime. Whether it is fighting an opponent off the ball, or taking a fall or just sprinting, physical strength is the […]