Q&A – Soccer Speed Coach Delroy (Owner – SST Oakville) – Part 2

Last week we talked female soccer training with SST Oakville owner Delroy aka Coach D

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  1. Can you add some insight into your strength coaching style?

My style of coaching stems from the type of coaches I had growing up as a young athlete to the coaches I had as I trained while playing on the Canadian pro Beach Volleyball Circuit. It was a “no nonsense” work hard, give a 110 percent and leave it all on the field. I have taken this approach with all my athletes and adult clients. I am tough and I expect you to give me everything you have while you are on the training floor. I have had athletes and adults see my car in the parking lot and tell me we know it is going to be a tough day when “the dark over lord is on the training floor.” I treat everybody the same, I want the same for every one of my clients. Results…. period.  I approach every training session with energy that fills up the facility. I want all my clients to have fun, challenge themselves and most of all work hard. For my athletes I treat them like family; my goal is help them all understand from my own experience and the experience of my high level staff what it takes from a training stand point to get to the next level. Mentoring is so, so important to me for my athletes. As I move around the community nothing makes me more happy than to here an athlete shout to me “ Hey Coach D “ . I absolutely love to train!

  1. You have had many girls in many sports on scholarships…is there a key to your success?

I believe you need to understand the female athletes in order to get the best out of them. We have had much success with female athletes who have received scholarships, because we have created an environment at SST Oakville were these ladies feel like they are at home. We have seen other facilities focus on “just the boys” and at SST Oakville we treat everybody the same. The female athletes who come to us for a few reasons; One, because we push them and two, we discuss their goals. We are not afraid to have them try complicated movements and they see the results of their hard work.  Communication, Communication, communication is the key ingredient when dealing with high performance athletes. We take the time to explain, critique and most importantly coach and this seems to work really well as our female athletes respond and get tremendous results.

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