Q&A – Soccer Speed Coach Delroy (Owner – SST Oakville) – Part 1

Delroy- thanks for taking your time and speaking with me

  1. So Delroy why do have so much success with Soccer teams?

I really enjoy training soccer teams. Soccer was one of the first team sports we had come to us for training when we started SST Oakville. My staff and I have spent many hours with soccer athletes and have a great understanding of what is required for a soccer athlete to succeed. Our reputation and our results with soccer athletes have spread through the soccer community. We have teams from Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and Brampton comes out to train with us. The coaching staff of these teams trusts us and understand our facility is “no nonsense “training center, as we build our soccer training programs to get their teams prepared for the season. We have worked with many soccer athletes who have gone on to play NCAA, CIS and professionally. We soccer athletes playing at University of Miami , University of Maine, Memphis University , kent State , Eastern Michigan , Louisiana State , Miami – Ohio , Carleton University , University of Western Ontario, Mc Master University to name a few. Today, we have Dianna Matheson from the Canadian Women’s National training in our facility to get her prepared for the FIVB women’s world cup. Here is what Dianna has to say about why she trains at SST Oakville:

 “I use SST Oakville when I am a home because it has everything Ineed to train at the highest level.  I go not just for strength training, but to be a stronger, faster, and more complete athlete.” – Thanks, Diana M

  1. Can you add some insight into your strength coaching style?

My style of coaching stems from the type of coaches I had growing up as a young athlete to the coaches I had, as I trained while playing the Canadian pro Beach Volleyball Circuit. It was “no nonsense” work hard, give a 110 percent and leave it all on the field. I have taken this approach with all my athletes and adult clients, I am tough and I expect you to give me everything you have while you are on the training floor. I have had athletes and adults see my car in the parking lot and tell me we know it is going to be a tough day when “the dark over lord “is on the training floor. I treat everybody the same, I want the same for every one of my clients. Results -period.  I approach every training session with energy that fills up the facility. I want all my clients to have fun , challenge themselves and most of all work hard. For my athletes I treat them like family , my goal is help them all understand from my own experience and the experience of my high level staff what it takes from a training stand point to get to the next level. Mentoring is so, so important to me for my athletes. As I move around the community nothing makes me more happy than to here an athlete shout to me “ hey Coach “ . I absolutely love to train.

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