One Minute Workout – Part 2

Last week I discussed the research and benefits of a One minute workout.  CLICK HERE to read Part 1

Today I would like to provide you a simple workout I use when I train two people…. over the years I have found this to be more beneficial for all clients as they push themselves harder and  they will challenge one another.

Using the premise of the one minute workout of 20 seconds of hard work and a short rest, I have used this simple workout to achieve some amazing results.  Note – the difference I use is that my workouts last ten minutes in total but the sets are one minute.

Set 1-3

Body weight squats for 20 seconds (add weight when u feel like you are able)

Rest 20 seconds

Pushups for 20 seconds

Rest for 20 seconds

Swiss ball pull ins for 20 seconds

Rest 1 minute and repeat two more times

Set 4-6

Chin-up/ ring row variation for 20 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Db standing lunges for 20 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Swiss ball crunches for 20 seconds

Try this workout with a friend or by yourself…. trust me it’s a CHALLENGE for ten minutes!

Next week I will discuss why I use this format…hint …it’s all about the hormones.

In the meantime if you are looking to get in shape for the summer please CLICK HERE for our Butts and Guts Summer challenge.

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