1 minute workout for fat loss- can it be done?

It sounds ridiculous but there is some very valid research to back this claim up!

Dr. Martin GIbala from McMaster University studied the effect of a 1 minute of all out maximum effort workout.  Subjects would perform perceived maximal effort exercise for 20 seconds and take a short rest – repeated three times.  What did they find?  12 weeks- 3 workouts per week increased the subject’s fitness level by 20%!!

This is significant for two reasons:

  1. One of the main excuses people have for NOT exercising is TIME…well this squashed that excuse like a good 1 minute round of sledgehammer work
  2. Maximum effort- most people think they are working out hard…but if we can provide a program which can pretty well guarantee you results in one minute….would you not to join with a friend?

Looking to lose fat?

Personal Training Challenge 

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