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  • The Vegan lasagna recipe you’ll Love!

  • Exercise, is it keeping our brains young?

    Have you felt the effects of quarantine on your body yet? Or even on your brain? Well, there is a good reason for that. Our bodies, and brains, have been trained and specialized for activity like stalking and chasing down prey. Now, not only with the quarantine but also the way we have engineered our lives […]

  • Fresh Summer Hummus

  • Nutrient Timing for Athletes: Does It Really Matter When We Eat Post-Exercise?

                People have recently started to question the idea of an ‘anabolic window’ post-exercise and whether we really need to eat or have that protein shake after our work-out. But where these opinions fall short is in the interpretations of the current research and literature to an athletic population.             The idea is that a […]

  • What coaches look for!

    Hey everyone! I’m excited to write this blog today! What I’m going to talk about is something I preach to my athletes all the time! Being a coach, and knowing a lot of coaches I often find myself talking to other like minded individuals about what we are looking for in an athlete. After all […]

  • What do you need to gain mass?

    Here at SST a lot of athletes come into our facility wanting to put on size and gain strength and ask for our advice to help get them there. While what we do in the gym is a HUGE part of helping them achieve this goal, what we preach to our athletes is that what […]

  • Do you want to look like an athlete?

    Everyone wants a body like an athlete, and yet don’t eat or train like an athlete!? Training like an athlete is important because athletes can move their bodies like no one else can. Your body is meant to be mobile, versatile, and freely moving – so why not train it to be like that, isn’t […]

  • BCAA’s – what, why and how?

    One of the newer supplements on the market making claims to improve cognition, decrease muscle breakdown, promote muscle protein synthesis and improve exercise performance is branched-chain amino-acids (BCAAs). But… what are they? BCAAs are essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine (ones we cannot synthesize ourselves and must consume) that can be oxidized within our […]

  • 48 hours left….

    Speed…speed and more speed! Other than specific skill for you sport; speed is the one attribute all coaches are looking for in athletes. Its not as simple as just running a few sprints daily. This summer I will take 10 athletes and GUARANTEE their results. YES GUARANTEED Email me personally at:

  • Road to D1 – Kyle Hergel Workout Schedule

    Here they are – Kyle Hergel’s workout sheets.