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  • Which Fat Loss Supplements Will Actually Work for Me?

    Are you confused as to which supplements actually work for fat loss? We are here to help with a whole series of blogs dedicated to which supplements will actually help you lose fat!

  • 12 Reasons You Always Feel Hungry; Part 3

    We hope this has been a help in your day to day life if not, there are the few more reasons we can explore! Reason 9. You are not Getting Enough Sleep  Sleep is a vital for everyone to live a healthy life but did you know that a lack of sleep can actually make you feel […]

  • 12 Reasons You Always Feel Hungry; Part 2

    Just in case you missed part 1 of the blog, click here to get the first 6 reasons! Reason 7. You are Drinking Your Diet Soda, fruit juice, sugar added to coffee or tea are some of the most sugar laden foods you can consume! And you can easily consume hundreds of calories and an incredible amount […]

  • Nutrient Timing for Athletes: Does It Really Matter When We Eat Post-Exercise?

                People have recently started to question the idea of an ‘anabolic window’ post-exercise and whether we really need to eat or have that protein shake after our work-out. But where these opinions fall short is in the interpretations of the current research and literature to an athletic population.             The idea is that a […]

  • My Blue Print Nutrition Tip of the Day- Top Supps for Fat loss Part 2

    Part 1 was about our favourite supplement- FISH OIL Today we discuss two very important supplements that people would not consider for fat loss Part two Supplements for Fat Loss Probiotics Take a probiotic to lose fat fast. Probiotics aid digestion and support gastrointestinal health so that the body detoxifies better. A probiotic will help you lose fat, have […]

  • My Blue Print Nutrition Tip of the Day- Top 5 Supps for FAT Loss Part 1

    We are always excited to discuss NUTRITION!   With so much info out there we want to keep things as simple as possible for you all.  With fat loss being such a big topic today we will discuss what we have had success with clients for fats loss Note – YOU must follow a proper […]

  • Did You Waste Your Time With Your New Years Resolution?! Part 1

    So the first month of 2018 has come and gone; how are those New Year Resolutions treating you? If you’re like the majority of people, when the New Year comes along you start making resolutions. Promises to save more money, keep in touch with friends and one of the most popular, get in better shape! Well, […]

  • Brown versus White Fat- is there a difference? – Part 1

    Many people are probably new to this question. YES there is a major difference between the two types of fat in our body.   White fat aka the ugly fat lies under our skin and keeps us insulated but is also responsible for the ugly cellulite that we all hate. Another characteristic is that White fat […]

  • Is Spot Reduction Possible With Regards To Fat Loss?

    Up until a few years back I thought it couldn’t be done, but having witnessed all of our Fit and Lean 44 client’s progress, I can now say yes it is possible. A system called Biosignature Nutrition is used for all of our Fit and Lean 44 clients. The Biosignature Program is a blueprint of […]

  • Do You Train Yourself? Time To Fire Your Trainer – Part 2

    Just in case you missed – Part 1 to this series CLICK HERE to read the post. SUPPLEMENTS If clients are interested, I will suggest some proven options for fat loss. Even if they say they are interested they often have tons of excuses why they can’t do squats, dead-lifts or resistance training and why […]

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