SST Mississauga – Pro Circuit Athlete of the month: Michael Botelho

Michael is unlike any other youth athlete I have ever known. I do not think one coach at SST Mississauga has not mentioned how hard Michael works or his positive attitude in the gym. Even many of our other athletes have commended him on his work efforts and eagerness to train. He is always looking to push himself further and lift a little more each week. Michael always has a smile on his face and is never shy to talk to anyone! When it comes to our end of workout ‘Finishers’ Michael thrives! He loves challenging himself and seeing just how far he can push himself, especially if older athletes are around to compete against! Michael is a true force to be reckoned with and he is the epitome of SST Strong!

SST Mississauga – Pro Circuit Adult of the month: John Wamboldt

John has been training at SST Mississauga for years along with his two sons. John is incredibly dedicated to his training and is religiously in the gym 3-4 days a week. He recently embarked on SST’s ‘Get Lean’ program and after 3 weeks is already down almost 6lbs but has gained almost 2lbs of muscle! His determination to make changes in his like to feel better, be healthier and get stronger make John truly SST Strong!

SST Mississauga’s Pro Circuit Adult Athlete of the Month
SST Mississauga’s Pro Circuit Adult Athlete of the Month