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  • How do you lift? Compound vs. isolation.

    Hey Everyone! Hope you are all doing great and are enjoying this beautiful weather we are having in Southern Ontario right now! Get outside and be active, you will be amazed what this beautiful weather can do for your body and mind! I have a cool little blog today. I’m going to talk about Compound […]

  • CFL COMBINE READY! Mercer Timmis!

    The Combine is here and I am feeling ready. All the sacrifices that have been made through these last few months have all been preparing for this weekend. It has been filled with a strict nutrition plan, and countless hours on the field and in the gym. With Larry’s Combine prep program I feel that […]


      Over the past 10 weeks I’ve had the unbelievable pleasure of working with Canada’s top training facility, Sports Specific Training. Not only have I had the pleasure of training with some of the top athletes in Canada, but I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked and coached alongside Larry Jusdanis and his amazing team […]

  • CFL Combine Blog Dillon Guy

      My conclusion to the first phase of my training and preparation for the upcoming CFL combine and season. I feel that this would be a good time to check in and share my progress through this blog. I am roughly two months out of ACL surgery and I can honestly say that I feel […]

  • CFL combine blog- Dillon Guy–ACL recovery–ahead of schedule!

    Looking back to the first time I put on football pads I have had two goals I wanted to reach. The first was achieving a scholarship to play college football in the states and the second was to play football at the professional level. Over the past 5 years I achieved my first goal; playing […]

  • CFL Combine Blog- Mercer Timmis

    With almost 7 weeks left until the combine my training has really started to ramp up. Time management has been key in order to fit in all my lifts and running workouts with my school schedule. My nutrition has been a huge component to my combine prep and I have made sure to fit in […]