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Looking back to the first time I put on football pads I have had two goals I wanted to reach. The first was achieving a scholarship to play college football in the states and the second was to play football at the professional level. Over the past 5 years I achieved my first goal; playing college football for the University of Buffalo. I now look towards the goal of playing football in the CFL. During my journey, I will be using this blog throughout my training, leading up to the combine and training camp.

Having played college football in the states, they’re a lot of factors that I have walked away with; one of them being the mindset of training. With that being said, theirs only one place where i know I can train at that shares that same mindset. When I was going into my senior year of high school i trained at SST’s Hamilton location . There training made me physically and mentally prepared to not only play college football in the states, but to thrive in that atmosphere.

When I was presented the opportunity to once again train at SST ,with Larry ,who is a top calibre strength coach, I knew that it would be the perfect situation.

Since Monday I have been on a daily routine that consists of multiple session of training . This was approached with the mentality of pushing your body to its full potential and breaking through barriers that may present itself. After the training sessions I began a treatment session where the people of Proactive Athlete take care of the body and help it recover. With the first week now over , I am already looking forward to starting back up on the Monday .

Dillon Guy

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