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My conclusion to the first phase of my training and preparation for the upcoming CFL combine and season. I feel that this would be a good time to check in and share my progress through this blog.

I am roughly two months out of ACL surgery and I can honestly say that I feel great and am always pushing myself to go above and beyond the ” Norm” . To define what the “Norm”  means , the best way to describe it is by simply doing what is expected. There is nothing wrong with doing the norm, if you’re content with just being average.  Personally I never am ok with the thought of being just average and when I look at the “Norm” I see it as a barrier that can be broken through. For example just being 7 weeks out of surgery I began to deadlift which consisted of 6 sets of 5 to 8 reps at the weight of 365. Now keep in mind that The staff here kept a close eye on each rep to ensure that I kept great form and to cut me off at any sign of compensation in  the left leg. To do this I must have incredible discipline in your nutrition and in the recovery process . Think of your body as a high end luxury sports  car.  To drive it the car requires supreme gas not the standard unleaded 87 gas. The human body is no different, as you cannot possibly expect to perform  at a high level if you put crap in your body. At Sst they put a huge emphasis on your nutrition because of the great importance it has on the athletes performance and recovery . 

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