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  • Quarterback Vs. Pitcher Vs. Bench Press

    We had a great question come in regarding our Blog last week; why we exclude bench press in our Baseball players’ strength programs (if you missed it, check out that Blog here) The question was: Was having a similar conversation today about QBs and bench press. What do you think? Here is my response: While quarterbacks have […]

  • Football Players: The Interview!

    Football Players: The Interview!

    Here we are the Super Bowl is 4 weeks away, Bowl season at U.S. colleges almost over, the CFL has long been done and high school football seasons’ ended over a month ago. What this means is there is many players done playing at their respective levels; and ready to take that next step.

  • What to look for in a QB? – Part 2

    What to look for in a QB? – Part 2

    In the first part of QB training I discussed some of the qualities I would look for in a young QB! Some of these included the following: Mental and Physical Toughness What type of athletic ability does he have? Manager of the game Take a look at the (link) to see more information about these […]

  • QB Canada Training and Development – Part 1

    QB Canada Training and Development – Part 1

    I know I’m going to restart the old debate with this question: “Why aren’t there any Canadian Quarterbacks in the CFL?” I’m sure you’ve heard a multitude of opinions on this issue; some you probably agree with, others just don’t ring true. I firmly believe there is more than one answer to the Canadian QB Question.