What to look for in a QB? – Part 2

In the first part of QB training I discussed some of the qualities I would look for in a young QB! Some of these included the following:

  • Mental and Physical Toughness
  • What type of athletic ability does he have?
  • Manager of the game

Take a look at the (link) to see more information about these qualities

Trust me when I say this, but many people believe a QB has to have the strongest arm or be able to just drop and throw. As I stated in my previous article, we as coaches need to start developing young QB’s at a younger age particularly grade 7-8 age. Kids are mentally and physically crave the ability to get better during this age group. This is important- SKILLS NEED TO BE INTRODUCED BEFORE PUBERTY – this will ensure proper development.

What can we do? Over the upcoming weeks this five-part series on Quarterback development will cover:

  1. Qualities of a good Quarterback, Part 1
  2. Qualities of a good Quarterback, Part 2
  3. Drops, drills and technique
  4. Throwing mechanics, Part 1
  5. Throwing mechanics, Part 2


If there is one physical trait that a good qb possesses is ACCURACY. I know many people believe arm strength is crucial and it is to a certain degree but without great accuracy you will be limited in how far you go.

I tell kids this all the time..in high school a wr is open when there is 5 yards between a him and a DB…in college- 1-2 yard difference…in the pros there is little to throw at and you will need to be able to complete balls on different spots on a WR like the back shoulder throw.

In my 15 years of coaching and 15 years of playing I have discovered three types of QB’s:

The Thrower
A QB who has tremendous arm strength but just chucks the ball around…he will make some great throws but then he will make a throw and you will be dumbfounded at the lack of accuracy.
An example of this QB would be JaMarcus Russell – the biggest flop in NFL history

The Passer

This is the Qb who may not have the strongest arm, but is deadly accurate. He can make all the throws and his accurate pinpoint passes allow WR’s to have a lot of YAC!
A good example of this would be the Great Joe Montana


The Man combines great arm strength/ accuracy and decision making all in one. These types of QB’s possess GREAT mechanics and are students of the game. I repeat…. GREAT MECHANICS and STUDENTS OF THE GAME!

Some good examples of this type of QB would be Aaron Rogers, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Tom Brady

So if you were looking for a qb I assume the latter two is who we would prefer.

What else do these last 4 qbs possess?


I ask Qbs this all the time…what is the most important thing a qb can do…WIN! At the end of the day coaches/GM’s want winners. How are winners evolved…some are born but with proper mechanics and becoming student of the game your success will increase tenfold.

An example is Peyton Manning- the film study he does is overwhelming. In fact, before the majority of each snap he know what 8 out of the 11 defensive players will be doing. 8 out of 11! Thus when he drops etc all he has to worry about is figuring what the other 3 are doing…Do you think this gives him an edge?

How does he know…FILM more Film and then more Film. Once his mind knows where to go with the ball then his great mechanics take over!

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