My Blue Print Nutrition Tip of the day- How can Bees help you?

bee pollen


Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen is considered one of nature’s most perfect foods as it contains nearly all nutrients required by humans. Bee-gathered pollens are rich in proteins (nearly 40%), free amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12; vitamins A, C & E, carotenoids, folic acid and rutin; minerals, including magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, silica, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine & manganese. Bee Pollen also contains a full range of amino acids & is a more concentrated form of protein than any other food (more than any animal source). As if that weren’t enough, Bee Pollen also contains digestive enzymes, fatty acids & a full range of phytonutrients! All that contained in tiny little golden orbs.

· Energy enhancer: the full range of nutrients make it a great energy enhancer that can keep you going all day

· Skin soother: the amino acids and vitamins protect the skin & aid in the regeneration of cells

· Respiratory Function: the high quantity of antioxidants have an anti-inflammatory effect on the tissues of the lungs

· Digestive System: contains enzymes that aid in digestion

· Immune System booster: pollen is good for the intestinal flora and thereby supports the immune system

· Infertility problems: bee pollen stimulates & restores ovarian function, may be used to assist in accelerating pregnancy.

My Blue Print Nutrition tip of the day….Heart issues???? Try this!



Coenzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinol 10, was discovered in the 1950’s as a naturally-occurring compound produced by the human body that is responsible for basic cell function and disease prevention.

In addition to maintaining basic cell function, CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant, which is responsible for fighting free radicals in the body. Free radicals cause physical disease and premature aging by destroying living cells.

As the body ages, natural CoQ10 levels decrease by as much as seventy percent. Supplementation of this natural enzyme is recommended for patients with heart-related conditions such as:

Congestive Heart Failure, arrhythmia, heart attack, angina, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, mitral valve prolapse, coronary heart disease.

The antioxidant power of CoQ10 also makes it an excellent natural anti-aging solution. Free radicals are destroyed, energy and vitality is increased and cells are brought back to a stable, healthy condition that might have been lost during mid-life.

Recipe of the Day Almond Crusted Cauliflower

Almond Crusted Cauliflower

(almond cc


Makes approximately 4 servings)


1 cup almond meal

1-3 teaspoons garlic powder

2 eggs

1 medium head cauliflower


Wash the cauliflower and remove the stems. Break into small florets.

Break your eggs into a medium sized bowl and whisk until well beaten.

Pour the almond meal into another medium sized bowl and stir in the garlic powder and salt.

Set up an assembly line.

Dip the florets into the egg, being sure to coat them well.

Then roll in the almond meal and place on a parchment lined cookie sheet for baking.

Bake at 350 F for about 1 hour.

Even the kids will love this one!

Goals vs New Years Resolution?? Really?



Just this morning a colleague of mine and I were discussing how we as gym owners don’t have a rush of fat loss New Year clients….one of the reasons is this…our clients are informed to set goals not New Years resolutions

What is the difference?  Here is some data:

62% of people make New Years resolutions

Only 8% of these people stick to their resolutions

A Harvard Study showed that people who write down their goals achieve 100% more!

Here is what we at SST do with our clients and athletes

We talk about RESULT and ACTION goals

What is the difference:

Result goal example- I want to lose 10 lbs or I want to be an NFL Player

That’s great as we all want to succeed and win but what will YOU DO to get there???

This is when Action goals are implemented

Result – “I want to lose 10lbs”

Action Goal- I want to lose 10lbs on 12 weeks (the timeline is set)

Action goal- week 1 – “  I will start walking for 20 minutes a day” – Make your action goals attainable

Action Goal week 2- “I will continue to walk and eat breakfast daily”- What you have done here is reinforced your week one action goal and added a slight modification

Action Goal week 3- “ I will continue with week 1 and 2 goals” and “I will not eat after 6pm”

This will continue for 12 weeks

Action goals MUST be simple and attainable and specific towards your goals

So instead of setting yourself up for failure with an unattainable resolution try setting a goal with a specific timeline that’s achievable

Larry Jusdanis

SST Founder

CFL combine training Blog 1

Hey all – its XMAS time and i know we are all busy shopping, eating and possibly having a few cocktails….one group of players who are busting their butt are CFL/NFL combine invitees

Mercer Timmis – the 7th ranked CFL prospect and top CIS skill position player starts today with two a day workouts. 

Mercer will blog every Friday re his training, program and general feelings of the prep involved.

Mercer’s days of skiing and snowboarding are DONE!  For the next 12 weeks he was one goal…to be the BEST prospect at the CFL combine.

We at SST are looking forward to not only his prep but a few others who are coming thru the door!

SST Strong!


Mercer n LJ

RE:Women and Fat Loss- My Blue Print Nutrition Tip of the day

My Blueprint Nutrition tip of the day!


Did you know that the average pregnant women burned almost 2000 less calories per week then their counterparts did in 1965

Why- more modern day devices

What does this mean? More obesity for women and their kids!

The snowball effect has occurred now in this generation as we have more obese kids then ever!

What do you think?

My Blueprint Nutrition tip of the day- Oct 26-15

SO much info out there when it comes to nutrition and it can be overwhelming even for someone like myself who researches every day.

Today I would like to mention something about hormones..specifically Growth Hormone (GH)

There are quite a few benefits of GH but for this blog lets focus on muscle growth and fat lipolysis (release of fatty acids)

There is a reason people illegally use this hormone- cause it works! But how do we do raise GH levels naturally?

Three easiest methods….SLEEP- only in the REM cycle- one of the most important factors…funny I had a male client who informed me that he was taking all sorts of supps for sleep etc…i recommended one and told him to call me in the am…he didn’t call…better yet came in and bought three more bottles!

GH and sleep

Secondly; high intensity exercise such as strength training and interval work increase GH levels thru the roof!


Thirdly; fasting- putting your body into a fasting state will naturally increase GH levels and combine that with a high intensity exercise – WHAM- watch your fat melt off!


For more info please do contact me personally at our Facebook page

Larry Jusdanis



In our last article we talked about aspartame and the controversy surrounding it. However, in this instalment we would like to focus on aspartame’s alter ego (nemesis, brother from another mother, whatever you want to call it) Stevia.

For those who don’t know, or have never heard of it, Stevia is an herb that has a sweetening power unlike any other. The herb is native to Paraguay and is nothing new to the people in the region. It was in use well before the 1800’s to sweeten teas and also chewed simply for the sweet taste, kind of like our modern day Bazooka Joe bubble gum. (minus the bubble and elementary school comics).

Good, great, grand! Here comes the same circle of dog you know what that we stepped in when aspartame came out. The same claims, low carb, non-caloric sweetener that will undoubtedly cause cancer or contains chemicals that researchers will find 15 years after we start using it. Trust me; I’m on your side. I’m very cautious when something “groundbreaking” is discovered. It’s much like the pill that can shed 10 pounds in 10 days, make you stronger, better in bed, more attractive and allows you to drive that new sports car.

Claims are made everyday. Claims mean nothing if the person doing the claiming is the same company doing the researching/marketing. That’s what intrigued me about Stevia. No company has the exclusive rights to it yet, as far as my knowledge. This, in my opinion makes the research unbiased.

So what’s the deal with stevia? Is it safe? What does research say? Can it replace my sugar packets? Not to sound like Mr. Miyagi, but slow down young grasshopper, one step at a time.

As with most studies, initial experiments began with testing on animals. Do we approve, not really, but it beats testing it on humans first (insert debate here). In 1991, a study was conducted in Thailand and daily ingestion of stevioside, the main sweetening agent in stevia, and its effects on two subsequent generations (think of passing on diabetes onto your children). The study was comprised of 4 groups of 20 hamsters (10 males and 10 females). 3 groups were fed 500mg/gk, 1000mg/kg and 2500mg/kg respectively and the fourth group was kept as a control. The dosages were high, as the estimation for human consumption in around 2 mg/kg.

The results – The study showed no significant difference in the average growth of the first generation of hamsters in the groups receiving stevioside — no matter what dosage they were given.  Even the third generation of hamsters, at 120 days of age, showed no significant differences in body weight — no matter which group they were in.

In summary, no growth or fertility abnormalities were found in hamsters of either sex. Mating was efficient and successful. 
     The researchers agreed, “The results of this study are astonishing.  Stevioside at a dose as high as 2,500 mg/kg did not do any harm to these animals.  We conclude that stevioside at a dose as high as 2.5 grams per kilogram of body weight affects neither the growth nor reproduction in hamsters.” (Sahelian, 1999).

Still skeptical?

“stevia is safe for human consumption as per intended usage, that is, as a sweetener
(Mauro Alvarez, Ph.D., Brazil)

“In this well-chronicled history of stevia, no author has ever reported any adverse human health consequences associated with consumption of stevia leaf”

(Supplement to GRAS affirmation petition no. 4G0406, 1995)

“stevia is a completely safe health-promoting herb”

(Juan Esteban Aguirre, Paraguayan Ambassador to the United States, in a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, September 23, 1993)

If there is nothing bad to be said about stevia, why did it take so long for it to enter our society and become widely accepted. After all, it has been in use for hundred’s of years and there is little to no publications or studies negating its beneficial use. If anyone has ever seen Fahrenheit 911 or Who Killed the Electric Car, you know that there are heavy political ties behind everything.

Big brother always has a selfish agenda. Mauro Alvarez has been studying stevia longer than anyone else. The FDA tried to prove that stevia is unsafe by mis-citing his study. Any publication can be interpreted to suit a particular agenda. In his 1998 response letter to the FDA Alvarez cited:

Even if they have reviewed these studies, the only possible way to report that the results showed detrimental effects is by taking information out of context.  If this is the case, one concludes that these FDA scientists are incompetent and irresponsible, or if not, they must belong to some sort of conspiracy group to carry on a sinister agenda against this plant with the objective to keep it away from American consumers by attributing to it safety issues that do not exist.”

In 1993, in a letter to FDA Commissioner David Kessler by Jon Kyl, was cited as reading:

“(The FDA action on stevia is) a restraint of trade to benefit the artificial sweetener industry.”

Sunrider International has been a premier manufacturer of high quality herbal products since 1982. In 1985, the FDA seized all of the Sunrider’s supply of stevia. During the seizure, Kerry Nielson (director of operations at the time) was told by an FDA agent (off the record):
“I had one guy from the FDA tell me ‘if we wanted to make carrots (be) against the law, we could do it.'”

We write articles to benefit and inform the general public as to the facts behind such topics as this. Only you can make your own decisions, we just try to inform you of the controversies and reasoning that most people don’t know about. As far as stevia goes, we have no problem. I’m not much for sweetening my coffee, but if I had a choice, stevia would definitely be my first choice before sugar or the Darth Vader of sweeteners….Aspartame. If you enjoy the taste of stevia, I say go ahead and indulge your sweet tooth.

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