My Blue Print Nutrition Tip of the day- Foods you thought were good for you….NOT! Part 3

Now that you know that PROTEIN BARS are just a waste lets take a look at the last 3 food myths!

Diet Pop. Science suggests too much of these zero-cal beverages could do as much damage as the sugary stuff, potentially leading to weight gain and an uncontrollable sweet tooth. Artificial sweeteners found in diet pop signal the brain to crave sweets and confuse hormones related to appetite, leading to weight gain.


Juice Diets. Many of us could use a few more fruits and veggies in our diet, but we don’t need to juice them. Juice diets may leave out important nutrients and enough calories to stay strong throughout the day. Not to mention eating, not drinking your fruit and veggies is much more theromogenic, meaning your body has to work harder and burn more calories just to break down the food.


Light Beer. Light-beer or diet beer doesn’t necessarily mean less calories. Instead, many simply have a lower alcohol content. Not to mention beer, even diet, is extremely estrogenic and can lead to increased estrogen, lower testosterone and increased weight gain.


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