CFL combine training Blog 1

Hey all – its XMAS time and i know we are all busy shopping, eating and possibly having a few cocktails….one group of players who are busting their butt are CFL/NFL combine invitees

Mercer Timmis – the 7th ranked CFL prospect and top CIS skill position player starts today with two a day workouts. 

Mercer will blog every Friday re his training, program and general feelings of the prep involved.

Mercer’s days of skiing and snowboarding are DONE!  For the next 12 weeks he was one goal…to be the BEST prospect at the CFL combine.

We at SST are looking forward to not only his prep but a few others who are coming thru the door!

SST Strong!


Mercer n LJ

SST Monday Morning Athlete NEWS!- QB Canada member wins state, Scholarship offers soon?

Sorry about the last two weeks…I was away but we are back this week with a ton of news!

Lets start off south of the border where Nathan Rourke led his Alabama high school to the State championship! Nathan threw for 3 tds and ran for another in Edgewood’s 40-34 win

Nathan’s stats for the year…59 tds vs 3 ints and a 75% completion ratio…what’s next for this superstar?… UCLA, New Mexico, Missouri, Kent State and Yale have all shown interest!

From Alabama to High school football in Halton…Assumption vs Nelson…with many SST athletes representing these fine schools one would expect a great game. The fans were not disappointed…a slug fest with Assumption winning 11-9

Some notable stars…Dom Ciraco was all over the field with an INT, Forced fumble and fumble recovery- plus many tackles and doing this while playing both ways! Dom Mandalfino toted the rock for Assumption and showed why he is a top recruit

Kudos to many of SST players who did the same…Pat Spelman..Jack Miller..Ben Cowman..Evan Luckie…Riley Littlejohn..these guys seemed to never come off the field.

Not to be outdone was Tyrell Richards who led his St Roch team to the Peel championship..Ty had two INT’s one of which he returned for a 40 yard td!

OFSSA play downs are next for these great teams..good luck!

CIS national semi finals news..SST Laval running back Sean Thomas Erlington leads his Montreal team to a victory over Guelph ..Sean has torn up the playoffs- in 3 games- 70 carries- 581 yards and 3 tds!

Good luck to the Carrabin in this weeks Vanier Cup!

How about some Hockey news…Andrew Campbell the Toronto Marlies captain has already scored 5 goals as a defensemen..are the leafs next?

Until next week with some Grey Cup and Vanier cup news!