SST Burlington – Pro Circuit May Adult of the Month: Jen Beck

I started my workouts in my basement with DVDs for about 6 months, but I felt I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I was looking around at different gyms to join, when I saw the ad for Butts and Guts on a billboard. I didn’t think SST was going to be the gym for me because I thought it was specific to professional athletes only.
I still went in to check it and found that Butts and Guts was exactly what I wanted. After my first 2 months and seeing results and feeling very encouraged by the trainers at SST.
Now that I have become an annual member, John has made a specific training program for me with nutrition. I have become more driven and dedicated to my work outs, my work and life in general.
Joining SST has been the best decision for myself and well-being, SST is for everyone in all stages of fitness not just for athletes. The trainers and staff are fantastic, encouraging and dedicated to their gym and clients.
Which has helped me become dedicated to their programs, my fitness and overall my well-being.
Unlike all the other gyms SST is capable of creating a program for each and every individual, I would recommend and do, SST to all my friends and colleges.

Watch Jen’s interview video.

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