Hockey Summer Training Part 4

Part 1- Overtraining

Part 2- strengthen weak muscles

Part 3- don’t be a Jack of all Trades!

Part 4- Spending Too Much Time on Machines!

Too many players fall into the trap of using weight machines instead of opting for free weights. This is the center of a debate that has gone on for a long time. SST recommends limiting the use of machines in favor of incorporating more free weights and unstable device work. The results speak for themselves. Hockey is three dimensional so train in this manner. By limiting yourself to machines only the prime mover muscles are recruited while the stabilizing muscles remain under worked. Free weights help strengthen the stabilizing muscles by working in a three dimensional plane.

I never understand why some strength coaches would have an injury free player perform leg press as a testing procedure. If you spend time on your back during a game there is a definite problem with your game! As well, leg press does not strengthen the lower back region; instead, it places compression on the lumbar vertebrae. We prefer to have hockey athletes learn how to dead lift or squat properly so that they can use the resulting functional strength on the ice. Here’s a great idea. Get yourself a 500-pound truck tire and set up a tire-flipping program. Not only will your lower back and legs get strong but your grip will also be improved and you’ll benefit from the added component of energy system training, which will have you gasping for air!



We, at SST, wish everyone a great summer and remind you to concentrate on your training. Please check out our website for more info about SST’s High Performance Summer Camp!

Learn how to become faster by dragging a sled, tire flipping, fire hose dragging, car dragging and much more!

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