Football Training for Linebackers

The Linebacker position requires Strength to be able to take on and shed blocks from Offensive Linemen; Agility to tackle running backs in the open field and Speed to be able to drop back into coverage. In today’s SST Blog we will look at three exercises that will help you improve in these areas.

Log – Hang Clean and Press

One of SST favorite exercise for improved hand strength SST we like to use a Log with thick grips because it improves hand strength. This is important for taking on blocks, as well as tackling. The important part of this exercise is generating power through triple extension. That is using your hips, knees & ankles to generate force through your body and accelerate the bar up to your shoulders. Once there you re-bend your knees and again use triple extension to help lift the weight above your head.

This is a great exercise for not only taking on blocks, but also explosively driving through tackles.

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Sled Shuffle

For this exercise you load weight on the sled and attach it to your waist with a belt. In a strong athletic position with knees bent and chest up the athlete drives off the leg closest to the sled. You can perform this exercise with higher weights and slower movement earlier in the off-season. As you get closer you want to use lighter weights and move more quickly. This is a great exercise to help shuffling and cutting. It is difficult to find an exercise that helps functionally strengthen those muscles, but this is our favorite.



Prowler Sprint

The prowler is one of the most polarizing pieces of equipment at our gym. Most people have a strong love-hate relationship with it. We have a term called the “Prowler Flu”, as several athletes have been forced to sign the bucket when they are done with it. You can use it in several ways – as an energy system workout when you push it for longer distances. But in this case we are going to focus on 10 yard acceleration runs. This is great for filling the hole during running plays, or having to change direction and accelerate after a quarterback throws the ball.