Are you an Apple – Part 1?

At SST, we have tested and trained thousands of athletes and many weekend warriors.  Our research led us to define 4 different body types; the apple, the pear, the banana, and the SST skinny fat guy. Body types were determined by the individual’s body fat make up.  Part of the Biosignature protocol is to measure 12 skin-fold sites with calipers. Each site is directly related to a hormone in the body.  I will get into more detail regarding hormones in an upcoming article.


apple-body-sstFigure 1 Apple-Shaped Female Body

The Apple

At SST we have found that up to 60% of people fit the businessman’s disease profile and cannot handle the excess insulin they produce. Upper back fat and love handles are indicators that an individual is insulin resistant. Insulin is the only hormone that you can control 100% of the time.  If a client cheats I ask them if that donut was forced down their throat.

Let’s take a quick look at how excess insulin plays a role in the body. After eating a carbohydrate rich meal (donut for breakfast), blood sugar levels increase rapidly. In response, the body releases insulin, which acts by facilitating the movement of sugar into the muscle or fat for storage.  Apple types are insulin resistant meaning that their cells are not responsive to high amounts of insulin.  Thus, when an apple type of person consumes a food high on the glycemic index fat storage is increased.

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  • Next article, I will discuss how you can control insulin and increase your overall quality of life!