Speed Training- Parents are you doing it right? MY RANT – Part 1

Speed Training- Parents are you doing it right? MY RANT – Part 1

Over the past few years everywhere I look I see speed training blogs/ articles/ videos mainstream on Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook and other social media sites.  I have seen so much including running with bands tied to an athletes arms or legs or both!; sand training, running on unstable surfaces , agility ladders plus much more that I don’t have time to discuss:

The question I ask but more importantly you should ask is:

Do these methods work for speed?

First of all- if you have done nothing expect play video games and you decide to start some type of training program then yes you will become better… to a point!

Let’s take an athlete who is carrying 10 extra lbs of body fat? Will these so called aforementioned exercises help your speed? Somewhat but not as good as a proper diet which will shed unwanted fat enabling you to become faster without doing anything else.  Here is the issue: eating well is hard and not pretty- hard to show on videos as it’s not cool!

The first thing I do with athletes is this-Strip the fat and increase your relative muscle mass!

Probably not the answer you are looking for; but in reality the truth. Tomorrow I will continue this rant.

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