Brady- GOAT or Not?

Brady- GOAT or Not?

I just finished watching two NFL Games and once again the QB play at this level is astounding.  As much as I am impressed with the maturation of Jarred Goff, the great next one in Patrick Mahomes; the deadly accuracy in Drew Brees one of my favorites of all time but the one Qb who just exceeds anyone’s belief or expectations in his play is BRADY.

Tom Brady- is he the G.O.A.T?   As a former professional qb and coach for the last 25 years he astounds me every time.  I would never bet against him that’s for sure.  When I am reviewing films of potential Qbs I am looking for qualities Brady and the aforementioned all have:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Footwork within the pocket (big difference in just saying footwork)
  3. Eye Level- very underrated
  4. Leadership – I always like to see how a qb reacts after a bad throw etc

The one quality that I believe Brady has over anyone else is:


What does this mean?  We always hear I want to win but the most successful people are driven by their hatred of losing or failure; not the success of winning.  They won’t and can’t let themselves down but more importantly, they will not let their teammates and coaches down. THINK ABOUT THAT for a moment- You HATE to lose- you will do anything not too

EXAMPLE- Brady faced three 3rd and longs in overtime and was not going to lose this game.  Heck he evens HATES losing the coin toss.  It’s his will to win that astonishes me and I admire. 

The question is was he born with this or has he developed it?  I have never been in the film room with him but I can bet that he is the first player in and last player out- whether it’s the field or meetings. 

The great Washington State head coach Mike Leach states his qb must be the first in and last out, if not it’s time for a positional change. This for me is must for a qb.  He must be your leader- the guy who people will believe in not when you’re winning but when things are tough. I want a guy who is mad, pissed and crying after a loss.  He wants it that bad!

Players come and go in New England – but the one consistent is Brady and his willingness to WILL his team to victory. As a coach,  we all talk about does this qb have the IT factor…I can’t describe what it is words but when you find a QB like this- make sure of one thing…demand the most from him.  He will want this!

If you are a QB who hates to lose then I want to train you at my next QB Canada camp.  I am only taking 10 top qbs to work with.

Please email me directly at and state “I HATE TO LOSE!” to register for my upcoming camp.

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