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About SST Mississauga

Our Mission Statement It is our passion for developing young athletes that led to the opening of SST Mississauga in 2007, 4 years after we opened The Baseball Zone - one of North America's preeminent baseball training academies.
Our elite, indoor training complex provides and fosters an understanding and love for sport like no other. It is designed to be a welcoming home for athletes of all ages and playing levels. In accordance with SST values, we employ the very best training philosophies, equipment and staff to fully assist our athletes reach their goals. We maintain a sporting atmosphere that will add to the enjoyment of sport for everyone that comes through our doors. We will also make your every visit to SST Mississauga and The Baseball Zone a friendly, invigorating experience that the team, the youth and the elite athlete will be challenged by, learn from and want to return to again and again.
- Rick Johnston, Principal, SST Mississauga & The Baseball Zone

SST Mississauga Services Include:

  • Athlete training
  • Adult Training
  • Personal Training
  • Group Training
  • Team training
  • Combine training
  • Speed Camps
  • Functional Movement Systems

Some of our equipment in SST Mississauga's 3,000 Sq foot facility include:

  • Literally TONS of plates & dumbbells
  • Several different barbells
  • 30 yards of turf
  • PlyoBoxes
  • Power Racks with multiple chin up bars
  • Functional trainers
  • Tractor tires
  • Hammers
  • Sleds
  • Prowlers
  • Bands
  • Chains

But the BEST way to find out what we have is to see for yourself. We'll even offer you a FREE 1-on-1 training demo with one of our certified Sports Performance Coaches. Just CLICK HERE to sign up for your session. See you soon!

our class schedule

Any changes to this schedule will be posted via Social Media.

Class Class Duration Class Day & Time Coach Special Notes
Butts & Guts Bootcamp Each class 1 hour Tuesday / Thursday 06.00 pm - 07.00 pm Saturday 09.00 am - 10.00 am
F.A.S.T Speed Training Each class 1 hour Monday / Wednesday 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm Saturday 11.00 am - 12.00 noon