SST - #1 adult class - Butts & Guts bootcamp.
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Butts & Gut Bootcamp

Train with gals and guys in our Butts & Guts Bootcamp!

Do you desire a fitness program that gives you a firm buttock and a toned mid-section?
Get your butts and bellies in shape with our butt and gut workouts when you participate in our Butts & Guts Bootcamp. Burn that fat and get fit alongside our expert trainers who prepare you for your fitness journey.
Our #1 ranked body bootcamp will provide you with a fitness plan geared toward your health goals! Join our bootcamp to lose weight and look your best!
Our co-ed BUTTS AND GUTS BOOTCAMP CLASSES come from the creators of the popular Women's Fit and Lean Program and Men's MaxFit Program!

Many of our adult clients have specifically requested a bootcamp program that solely attacks fatty areas within the Butt and Gut regions. Our bootcamp with butt and gut workouts will not only target that fat but eliminate it for good! We will teach you a variety of butt workouts with weights and provide you with ab workouts to get you in shape! We hook you up with a fat loss workout plan to kick flab to the curb, forever!

Here's' our program plan:
- 36 sessions of Butts & Guts Bootcamp Classes (12 weeks) OR Annually with 3+ Butts & Guts bootcamp classes per week.
- Go the added mile and include NUTRITION & BODY FAT MEASUREMENTS with your package. Why not optimize your RESULTS with butt and gut workouts and get on track towards a healthy lifestyle change!?

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