Our Best Veritcal Jump Camp Ever!

Find out how to sky over your opponents with new-found combinations of explosive jumping, and unmatched power!

Vertical POWER – What Does it Take?

Research has shown that the ground-contact time of an elite one-foot jumper is as short as 0.12 seconds. During this time frame, the athlete has to plant their foot, bend their knee, swing their arms and then extend their hips, knees, and ankles back using almost every muscle in the body – all of this within the blink of an eye!

Power is often confused with strength. But it is not the same thing! In physics, power is defined as the amount of work performed during a certain time frame. Applied to the vertical jump, this means, that you have to be strong, but you also have to be able to use your strength in very quick bursts!


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Why Attend?

Do you know your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your vertical jump?

How many inches are you missing out on because of poor jump technique?

Would you like to gain inches within a six week timeframe?

All sports are explosive, testing every athlete's abilities to maximize their power through their game or match. 

Are you tired of working on your calves and not seeing that vertical go up?

Discover why Sports Specific Training's jump camp is enabling our athletes to rank the best at their combine and assessment days!

Sports Specific Training's Vertical Jump program is developed to get you maximum results this season!

The good news: everybody can improve their vertical jump with the right training!

Vertical Jump increases when using Resistance training. 

Everyones favorite - Plyometric Training

Complex Training- completes your vertical jump explosion

CAMP DETAILS - Starts August 24th!

  • Camp Duration: 6 Weeks (12 sessions)
  • Age Group:14-18 
  • One hour per session
  • Monday's and Wednesday's at 5pm-6pm
  • $249.00 +HST

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