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Discover How to BE MORE POWERFUL, EXPLOSIVE and RUN FASTER GUARANTEED...So You Can Dominate your opponents

Do you know you can become more explosive and faster by using the same proven techniques I have used with my NFL, CFL, NCAA, MLB, NHL, Professional soccer players over the last 25 years?

Do you ever wonder why you keep working hard and can’t get faster?

Here's the secret….YOU NEED TO CREATE MORE FORCE IN THE GROUND!  I have trained 1000s of athletes in my 25 years as a Speed - Strength coach and it always comes down to this one training method!

Let me explain:

Speed can be defined as Speed rate X Speed Length…the problem with this formula is 2 fold- after puberty your stride rate is what it is….

So now you think I will increase my stride length thru stretching and reaching while you are running. Makes sense doesn’t it?

The problem with this is it doesn’t work! In fact, it may LEAD TO INJURY!

If you continue to ignore the issue of not creating enough force into the ground when running, then you probably will never achieve athletic greatness. That’s why I have preached for years GIMMICK Training like agility ladders are a waste of time!

Many parents and athletes come to me after being cut as their coaches have told them they are not fast enough to play on their team.

The big question on my clients minds can I get more powerful and explosive?

You can try and do this alone but more and more you really need a coach.

Do you know the ONE mistake athletes make in speed training resulting in poor performance?

I will make sure you never do this again!

I’ve been working with other great speed coaches and researching endlessly on how to make my athletes – the MOST explosive, more Powerful and FASTER.


Listen I know your struggle…..I was an overweight child… picked on ...was way too slow…cut from my first football team but I didn’t give up.  I was DETERMINED TO GET FASTER

Since I was 10 years old, I started researching on how I could become faster!

I tried everything including being towed by a truck!

Understand this; the best person to help you is someone who has been where you are.

As you have read- I HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE!

I have had the privilege to work with Professional sport teams and many Professional and NCAA/ CIS athletes over the last 25 years.

Yes, It took me 25 years, 1000’s of tries, endless research  to perfect a proven GUARANTEED Program, but I have finally feel this is the best  speed program  and want to share my years  of expertise with you.

Now, you can finally have the speed you always wanted.

Here's What You're Going to get in our Lightning program:

Build speed, power and acceleration 

Improve on your top speed and the ability to reach top speed quickly!

Work on sprinting mechanics.

If it looks right it will fly right!


No matter the sport or position, you must be powerful!

Agility is a game changer

You can be the fastest on your team but can you out maneuver them?! 


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We have been doing this camp for many many years and have enjoyed working with some incredible athletes along the way. We had fun but, mostly importantly we had achieved every result we set out to achieve. We're so confident in this program that we'll guarantee your results OR your money back!

SST Burlington

All the Camp details you need to know...


  • Camp Starts: October 26th, 2020
  • Duration: 6 Weeks, 2 Days a week,1 hour per session 
  • Location: SST Burlington
  • Time: 7pm-8pm (Mondays and Thursdays)
  • $249.99+ HST (Get 15% off when you sign up with a friend)

Here's how the registration process works:

  • Once you have completed the short registration process on this page (Name, Email and Phone details only), we will contact you directly to confirm all the camp details.
  • Your registration will be confirmed once we have completed the payment processing.
  • Any changes to the camp dates will be notified by e-mail.

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This Speed Camp is compliant with all the federal and provincial guidelines for operating under the Covid-19 restrictions and safety measures.
Please see SST Burlington's Covid-19 protocols HERE