Ok, so here is the deal.... in a couple of mouse scrolls you will see why we call this "madness"!

Our personal training programs are legendary for VALUE and RESULTS!

Our Burlington facility is world class with multiple personal training equipment options AND 100ft of turf!

Click on any of these images for more information on our Burlington location.

Now... Here's the membership deal we are calling "Summer Madness"!

what you get!

Remember we're only giving out 10 of these "madness" memberships!

50 % OFF
  • Our normal price is $89.95 bi-weekly for a full personal training membership
  • That's $2,339.48 annually
  • Here's the madness:
  • 24 months for just $2,299!
  • That's effectively $44 bi-weekly.
Membership benefits
  • Your term only starts on August 1st, 2021 (an Additional $179.90 value)
  • Full Gym access
  • Access to all classes
  • More madness: 3 FREE personal Training sessions (an additional $270 value)

What happens once you register:

  1. We will contact you and answer any questions you might have.
  2. We will get you processed and signed up.
  3. We will get you set up for your first visit to the gym.


  • All coaches and staff have had their 1st Covid-19 vaccinations.
  • Our facility is 100% Covid-19 free since January 2020.
  • Please see our full Covid-19 protocols CLICK HERE
  • Our member survey revealed that 90% of our members had their 1st dose vaccines.

Let's get back... Back to normal, feeling fit, healthy and living life!

Have a GREAT summer of 2021!

SST Burlington