High Performance Training ​is all about:

Follow SST's proven training method for ​athletes and expect only one thing from SST's Highest performing camp: RESULTS!

SST ​is ranked in the top 15 for speed development in NORTH AMERICA! The only facility in Canada!! 


  • Low coach to instructor ratio to ensure SST type Results!
  • A complete Fitness Assessment.
  • Each athlete will receive their own ​MY BLUEPRINT for their nutritional needs​.
  • 9 hours of training weekly! SESSIONS include; Skills/ Speed/ Ploys and Strength training- there is no program that offer all of this!

  • And, most importantly - RESULTS!!!!

When do​ I start getting better?

​July 3rd, 2018

How long is the High Performance Camp?

8 Weeks

Which days of the week?

Monday / Tuesday / Thursday

How many hours per day?

3 Hours per day (72 hours in total)

Is there a limit of athletes per session?

Yes, it is limited to 1​8 athletes to ensure great results

What SST Locations will offer the Summer Camp?

Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville

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