High Performance Summer Hockey Camp

May - July 2016

High School Academy

8 weeks starting - July 4th

12 weeks starting - June 6th

University Academy

12 weeks starting - May 30th

16 weeks starting - May 2nd

Power = Strength and Speed

The HPH program is designed to enhance a player's maximum speed through sprinting drills and overspeed training.

The HPH program utilizes techniques such as resisted running, basic strength training, farmer's walks and sled training to improve on-ice acceleration.

Past SST Hockey Athletes!

Darnell Nurse

The atmosphere at the gym forces you to get better on a daily basis. Training at SST has given me the opportunity to excel to new heights, on and off the ice..

Kyle Clifford

SST is a great atmosphere for athletes of any age and sport. Over the previous summer they really focused on my speed and has really improved my explosiveness. Always a great team to work with to improve your game.

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