Girls Lightning speed camp


Train for success

Over the years we have seen our athletes achieve their goals. Do you know you can become more explosive and faster by using the same proven techniques I have used with my NFL, CFL, NCAA, MLB, NHL, Professional soccer players over the last 25 years?


Get to the top of your game

Many parents and athletes come to me after being cut as their coaches have told them they are not fast enough to play on their team.

The big question on my clients minds can I get more powerful and explosive?

You can try and do this alone but more and more you really need a coach!



Discover How to BE MORE POWERFULEXPLOSIVE and RUN FASTER ...So You Can Dominate your opponents.

Camp details.

The all girls lightning speed camp is being limited to 6 participants per session.

Starts September 15th!

  • 6 Weeks (12 sessions)
  • Tuesday's and Thursday's 6pm - 7pm
  • Ages 13-17
  • $300+HST ( That's only $25 per session!) 
  • In SST Bulington's new training facility
  • Train for speed, Agility, strength and power
  • Proven programming in semi private setting!

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Reasons Girls need strength training according to science. 

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Off the field...

Have higher self-esteem

Developing competence and expertise in physical activities plays a powerful role in building a sense of self-worth.

Have a better self-efficacy

Accomplishments in sport help girls to build confidence and instill an intrinsic belief that they have the skills to achieve whatever goals they set for themselves, both on and off the playing field.

Post athletic career...

Increase earning potential

90% of female executives played at least one sport in their youth. This percentage increase to 96% for women in c-suite positions.

Perform better in school

Sport increases attention span, develops concentration and enhances social skills, which in turn all have a direct impact on academic performance.


This Speed Camp is compliant with all the federal and provincial guidelines for operating under the Covid-19 restrictions and safety measures.
Please see SST Burlington's Covid-19 protocols HERE