Welcome to Lukings Linemen,  Specialized training for Defensive Lineman, Edge Rushers, and all front 7 defenders.

It takes a special type of person to be able to play along the Defensive Line and they must encompass these three qualities: Motor, Intensity, and Discipline. At my camp you will learn to embody these qualities.

This isn't for the weak minded, you will be pushed to your limit! Intensity of drills will increase with the more sessions you attend. I love developing the craft of a defensive lineman so let me help you!

I have been developing the DLine craft for nearly 20 years and I have become a master of passing my knowledge of the craft on to those who are willing. I have a intense personality and pay meticulous attention to details in technique, but I promise you, IT WILL MAKE YOU BETTER! Communication is key and I will always explain why you are doing something and how it relates to in-game situations. The harder you are willing to work, the harder I will train you! I hope you decide to take advantage of this opportunity and hope to see you out at the sessions!

I am offering 3 different types of training sessions:

The main #RESTLATER Training 2 hour session will combine skills from both Sack Attack and Dline Disrupters (below), as well as add in football conditioning elements that focus on footwork, hand speed and strength, endurance, hip strength, explosiveness and more, including:

  • Advanced ladder drills for footwork and hands
  • Hills
  • Resistant Get Offs
  • Various cone drills
  • Agility
  • Races against other attendees

At Sack School we will focus on the art of pass rushing where we begin by warming up with some hip mobility drills and ladder work to get the hips loose. I will then take you through various pass rush drills and workouts with in-depth feedback that will help you develop your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses. Benefits include:

  • Hip mobility
  • Explosiveness
  • Get off
  • Agility
  • Hand Placement
  • Hand speed and technique
  • Hip Bend and Strengthening
  • The mentality behind pass rushing
  • 27 DIFFERENT MOVES to add to your pass rushing toolbox!!
  • Film analysis of previous game tape/drills

At Dline Disrupters we will focus on the art of run stopping. Whether it's CIS or NCAA rules for football, I will teach you how to get out of your stance to take on various run blocks effectively. Benefits include:

  • Hand Placement
  • Feeling Pressure
  • Agility
  • Pad Level
  • Grip escapes
  • Defeating pulls, reach blocks, down blocks, double teams, and cut blocks
  • How to play the zone read as an edge rusher
  • Recognizing screens and draws
  • Run stop ideology and mindset and what it takes to get it done!

Private Sessions

I am also offering private sessions. These hour/2 hour sessions will be tailored to you, specifically areas you want to improve, and you will have my full wealth of knowledge at your disposal. I will be able to focus solely on you as we work at your speed, increasing intensity as you learn the skills and drills. I will film your drills at your request and we go over it to show what you did right and what you need to work on. If you have other film (e.g. game clips, highlights, drills, etc.) I will analyze it and provide you with in-depth feedback.


"Coach Lukings has helped me so much both athletically and mentally he has helped me become a better football player as well as a man. He understands the game of football very well and uses his knowledge of the game to better coach his players. After being coached by him you will find a different perspective of the game and he will definitely make an impact on your life. I can honestly say that Coach Lukings has been a big part in helping me achieve my goal of going to a division one school. Coach Lukings and I have and will continue to have a relationship outside of football for a very long time."

Tyrell Lawrence 
- University of Minnesota Offensive Tackle

“Coach [Lukings] had me for only one football season and turned me from a  U-Sports player to a Div 1 player. I was normally a linebacker and when I got to him I was quite raw in the defensive end position but he coached me up very effectively and was one of the reasons why I’m where I’m at, and I can’t thank him enough."

Cade Cote
- Central Michigan Linebacker/Defensive End

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