Get Your Body Summer Ready Part 1 of 6!

Get Your Body Summer Ready

With a seemingly endless winter still looming the thought of summer seems like a dream. Summer evokes dreams of relaxing, patios, warm weather and of course summer clothes. If the words flip flops sound glorious, but bathing suit makes you cringe, you’re not alone.

Its easy to hide under those layers of clothes in the winter and hibernate, but by the earliest sign of spring we are ready to peel back some of the layers and show some skin.

Follow these tips to kick start your weight loss regime and shed those winter pounds.

Give yourself a break. It is a natural function of the human body to hold onto a few extra pounds in the winter. Extra body fat is a survival mechanism the body provides itself for protection. As the weather improves the body won’t fight so hard to hold onto those extra pounds.

Establish a goal. Set a realistic goal and break it down into smaller goals. Smaller goals are more obtainable and help keep us on track. These smaller victories help keep us motivated and contribute to overall success.


Part 2 tomorrow!

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