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Why Aren’t You Benching More Yet?

Every lifter wants to add some serious numbers to their bench press. The bench press, while seeming like a simple exercise, is one of the most technique-heavy movements anyone can do.

If your elbows aren’t 100% in the right place, if you’re not following the right mental queues, or if your programming is off, you might never make the progress you’re after.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of helping tons of people make subtle changes to their form, technique, and programming so they could start pushing up more weight, pump out more reps at 225, and increase their overall size and strength. Normally, I reserve these techniques for my in-person clients, but now I’m sharing them with the world!

What So Many People Get Wrong

Chances are you’re making one of these common mistakes I’ve seen time and time again:

  • Your form is all wrong and it’s finally caught up to you. 
  • You’re not adding more weight when you should
  • You’re doing the same reps and sets week after week
  • You’re not bench pressing enough
  • You’re too comfortable with your current 225 reps
  • No Matter how often you lift, your strength JUST WON’T increase

  • This program is meant to push you outside of your comfort zone and help you finally break through the barrier that’s keeping you from hitting new PRs. I’ve seen this system work with countless lifters, and no matter your age, experience, or current PR, you can add incredible weight and strength.

    The 3 Phases That Will Get You to a Bigger Bench

    I’ve broken down this 12-week program into three distinct phases. Each one serves a unique purpose and at the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll be stronger, faster, and have a brand new PR to brag to your friends.


    The Devil's workout


    Self-Undulating Regulation


    The Great Wave

    Each phase is 4 weeks long, and by the end of Phase 3, you should have better form, better technique, and increase your bench PR by up to 60 pounds!

    I’ve worked to make 12 Weeks to a Bigger Bench as easy and simple as possible. Whether you’ve been lifting for 12 years or 3 months, you can plug this into your routine and see unbelievable results.

    You’ll get access to my entire program through the 12 weeks.

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    Hear from Actual Users

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