SOLD-OUT Sports Specific Training - Lightning Camp
Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville - ON
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An Unparalleled Training Program to Improve Explosive Speed!

Sports Specific Training believes that, above all else, football players need to be FAST. Unfortunately speed development is not always coached properly until now! SST has developed an unparalleled training program to improve explosive speed, power and agility.

Find out how SST athletes decrease their 40 time by up to 5 tenths!

This camp is your chance to showcase your talents, COMPETE, perfect your craft/ technique and most importantly have fun!

What to expect:
- Learn the proper Mechanics of Sprinting to decrease your 40 yard dash time.
- Improve on-field Speed, Power & Agility.
- Learn proper starting techniques for the 40-yard dash.
- Identification and correction of weaknesses when running the 40-yard dash.
- Decrease your 40 time by 2/10 using proper technique for maximum sprinting power.
- Position-specific speed and agility drills.
- Plyometrics for increased power development.
- Learn tricks to enhance your performance at a football combine.
- Maximize Absolute Speed with the use of overspeed training.
- Follow SST's Dynamic Pendulum flexibility for increased Functional Flexibility and Injury Prevention.
- Power sled work to develop Functional Speed Strength Start and First-Step Explosion.

This camp is SST\T's most popular and is guaranteed to provide results! Space is very limited for this camp to ensure our athlete's receive the proper attention. SST does not believe @#$@%@^ training - our program is geared around Bang for Buck Exercises which produce one thing - "RESULTS"



2020 Lightning Camp starts February 3rd, 2020