Summer Hockey Training Myths Part 2

Yesterday we discussed the misconceptions of training too much…may look good on paper but a proper periodized program is what we are looking for

Part 2

Strengthen Weaknesses and Stretch Strengths

Why is it that everybody wants to bench press but very few people like to do chin ups or strengthen smaller muscle groups such as the rotator cuff? One common area that we often see needing attention is strong and tight pectoralis major muscle. Tight pecs can result in rounded shoulders and excessive internal rotation. A proper postural assessment will identify this problem. After recognition, the player should be prescribed exercises that will retract the shoulder blades and stretch the chest muscles. Think of training as similar to caring for a car. Tune it up and it will run more effectively. Fix the muscles that are limiting your gains and your functional strength will increase dramatically.



We, at SST, wish everyone a great summer and remind you to concentrate on your training. Please check out our website for more info about SST’s High Performance Summer Camp!

Learn how to become faster by dragging a sled, tire flipping, fire hose dragging, car dragging and much more!

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