SST Monday Morning Athlete News! SST LBs step it up!

What a great weekend of sports!  The Jays Are in…my Angels are out…the Cats lose on the last play vs the Stamps….My Miami Hurricanes can’t get over the hump….Bills lose with 17 penalties!

Lets start with Friday night lights in Burlington…Nelson avenges last year’s loss to Assumption with a 13-7 win…Nelson created 5 turnovers and blocked 2 punts on their way to their victory

Dom Mandalfino once again showed why he is a top recruit….Ben Cowman an underrated DL from Nelson should be on all CIS scouts list….A tall, long athletic player who just makes plays.

Nelson OLINE- led by Patrick Spelman and Riley Littlejohn grounded out the clock in the 4th for the victory

QB Canada star and top 5 player in Canada Nathan Rourke is tearing it up in Alabama- in 7 games Nathan has thrown for 27 tds!

SST Linebackers tear it up- Queens huge upset of Guelph was led by Michael Moore and Luke McQuilken- both had 5 tackles each and an INT!

How about the longest play ever in Queens history…QB Canada star Nate Hobbs throws a perfect dime for a 108 yard td!

Click here to see!

Jordan Lyons continues his possible run to OUA rookie of the year with another 87 yards and another td!