My Blueprint Nutrition tip of the day- Oct 26-15

SO much info out there when it comes to nutrition and it can be overwhelming even for someone like myself who researches every day.

Today I would like to mention something about hormones..specifically Growth Hormone (GH)

There are quite a few benefits of GH but for this blog lets focus on muscle growth and fat lipolysis (release of fatty acids)

There is a reason people illegally use this hormone- cause it works! But how do we do raise GH levels naturally?

Three easiest methods….SLEEP- only in the REM cycle- one of the most important factors…funny I had a male client who informed me that he was taking all sorts of supps for sleep etc…i recommended one and told him to call me in the am…he didn’t call…better yet came in and bought three more bottles!

GH and sleep

Secondly; high intensity exercise such as strength training and interval work increase GH levels thru the roof!


Thirdly; fasting- putting your body into a fasting state will naturally increase GH levels and combine that with a high intensity exercise – WHAM- watch your fat melt off!


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Larry Jusdanis