Urine- not about just going to the bathroom- WHAT DOES IT MEAN??

What the Colour of Your Urine Says About You


The colour, density, and smell of urine (think asparagus) can reveal much about the state of our health. Many factors can influence our urine color on a day-to-day basis such as: medications, supplements, food dyes, dehydration and more.

Many of us pee without taking note, perhaps its time to pay attention and see what your urine is saying about your health.

The colour of your urine can tell a lot about your body. The chart below provided by the Cleveland Clinic lists the different colours and what they may indicate.

NO COLOUR OR TRANSPARENT: You are drinking a lot of water or too much coffee.

PALE STRAW COLOUR: Normal, healthy and well hydrated.


DARK YELLOW: Normal but drink some water soon or you have just taken some B supplements.

AMBER OR HONEY COLOUR: Your body is dehydrated.

SYRUP OR BROWN COLOUR: Severe dehydration or possible liver disease, see a doctor if this persists.

PINK TO REDDISH COLOUR: Have you eaten beets, rhubarb or blueberries recently? In not, may indicate blood in the urine which could indicate kidney disease, urinary tract infections or prostate problems. Contact your doctor if this persists.

ORANGE: Possible liver or bile duct condition, or it could simply be food dye. Contact your doctor if this persists.

BROWN: Eating lots of fava beans or rhubarb, some medications or severe muscle damage. Contact your doctor if this persists.

BLUE/GREEN: Most often caused by food dyes and some medications. In some cases bacteria in the urinary tract can cause blue/green urine. Contact your doctor if this persists.

FOAMING OR FIZZING: A harmless hydraulic effect, if occasional. It may indicate excess protein in the diet or kidney problems if it occurs often. Contact your doctor if this persists.

CLOUDY: Could signal a bladder infection, see your doctor is this persists.

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