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Butts & Guts

Are you tired of that butt? Seeing some cellulite? How about that flabby gut ... too many bonbons during the holidays?? Then we have the # 1 ranked bootcamp program for you!


Fit n Lean 44

Fit & Lean 44 is a structured, WOMENS ONLY 12-week program designed to help you get into the best shape of your life!


Maxfit 44

If you're a man over the age of 40, your body is issuing you an ultimatum! Get lean and fit or face accelerated aging, weight gain, diminished sex drive, declining energy, and other problems.


Lightning Speed Camp

An unparalleled Training Program to increase SPEED! 3 levels of training over an 8 week period = RESULTS!


OL/DL Camp

Big Man Camp is designed to give offensive and defensive lineman instruction and tools for success at their position.


QB Canada

Quarterback Canada has developed a comprehensive Quarterback Academy to teach the Quarterbacks these specialized skills and techniques in a small interactive group.

Why SST?

We're serious about results!
Whether an athlete looking to be at the very top of your game OR you're an adult looking to keep fit and healthy - it always boils down to "What have you achieved?" - "What are your results?"
We've been doing this for 20 years, no fad training concepts, no fad diets - as we like to say No B$#@%$t training!

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  • Strength programs
  • Agility training



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lbs Lost & Counting

"Quaran Lean"

We are in a strange and unprecedented time at the moment. For the time being we have all been informed to self-isolate. This does not mean we stop working out and staying as healthy as we can be! This is in opportunity for you to get better!!! I am hoping the reason we are going thru this is to appreciate our times with loved ones and better ourselves thru exercise and nutrition. We can still control these factors!

  • Quaran Lean Recipes
  • Quaran Lean Nutrition Workouts
  • Quaran Lean Nutrition notes and Blogs

Let’s work together as a team… as a country…as world and show that we can still be positive during these trying times. I am confident that we will come out of this stronger and healthier if we all do our part.
Enjoy the information and please provide feedback and questions as this is a time for all of us to keep educating ourselves.
Education saves lives and working out makes us all feel good!
Get after the workouts- enjoy the daily recipes and please stay healthy!

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"I put on over 10lbs of lean muscle last summer training at SST. I'm feeling stronger and faster on the ice, ready for just about anything. I can't recommend SST enough.""

Zack Dalpe

"The atmosphere at the gym forces you to get better on a daily basis. Training at SST has given me the opportunity to excel to new heights, on and off the ice.""

Darnell Nurse

"They have helped me achieve my goals of getting bigger and stronger and have provided me with the strength base in order to be successful as both a football player in the past, and now as a highly competitive skier. SST is the only place for serious athletes; just look at me all they do is deliver RESULTS!!!!""

Matt Brady

- SST Higlight Reel -

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